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The following content and tools are available exclusively to Pro members. Pro Content

  • Monthly Newsletter - ETF Edge

    ETF Edge is the only place you will find our best ETF picks and investment tips along with regular updates and analysis on all major asset classes. Our actionable recommendations are based on prevailing macroeconomic conditions and are suited for longer term traders with an investment horizon of 30 to 90 days. If you're looking to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the world of ETFs and catch a glimpse into the industry's future, ETF Edge has the information you need.

  • ETF Picks of the Month

    For active investors seeking ETF investment ideas, our team analyzes technical and fundamental price drivers of more than 2,000 ETFs to identify both short and longer-term opportunities with a focus on absolute returns. Recommendations are actionable investment ideas that are poised for outperformance over the next week to 90 days.

  • Premium Articles

    Premium articles are packed with actionable trading ideas, regular updates and analysis on all major asset classes and ETF industry insights on a weekly basis.

  • ETF Guides

    Premium ETF Guides are comprehensive deep dives into ETF subject matter. Titles include: "The 2015 ETF Investing Guide", "How To Pick The Right ETF Every Time", "101 ETF Lessons Every Financial Advisor Should Learn", "7 Simple & Cheap ETF Model Portfolios" and many more.

  • Category Reports

    With over 2,000 ETFs to choose from, finding the one that's right for your investment strategy can be a challenging task. has analyzed each of these ETFs in our database and attributed each to a single best-fit Category containing funds that share similar risk and return profiles and are impacted by similar macroeconomic and industry-specific trends. Each of our 66 Category reports provides you with a category overview, analysis of key pricing trends, suggested portfolio allocations, and recommended ETF investments. Pro Tools

  • ETF Fund Flows

    Fund flow data is available on the screener, ticker pages, themes and tables. Fund flows provide insight into where money is flowing in ETFs. This helps determine where capital is being invested and identify investment trends.

  • Power Rankings

    Pro members get full access to Power Rankings. These rankings compare ETFs based on certain investment-related metrics, including 3-month fund flows, 3-month return, AUM, ETF expenses and dividend yields. Browse any country, industry, sector, bond duration, etc., to find out how it ranks relative to others in its type. For example, here are the India Country Power Rankings.

  • ETF Screener - Pro Version

    The Pro Screener with Excel spreadsheet export makes one of the most popular tools at even more useful. You can screen ETFs according to your own customized parameters, then download the results in Microsoft Excel format to analyze the data any way you like. As an Pro member, you can also now filter your results by smart beta ETFs.

  • ETF Comparison Tool - Pro Version

    Pro users have complete access to this tool, which displays easy-to-use holdings, performance and technical strength comparisons between two ETFs. Pro access includes proprietary descriptive information for each ETF and allows you to download and compare detailed ETF holdings and analytics.

  • ETF Stock Exposure - Pro Version

    With the Pro version of the ETF Stock Exposure tool, you can view and download the complete list of ETFs with exposure to a particular stock.

  • ETF Holdings Download

    Download up-to-date ETF holdings data for any ETF of your choice. All files are in .csv format. ETF holdings data are updated daily.

  • Model Portfolios

    Regardless of your risk profile and investment goals, you can use our line of Portfolios to devise complete investment portfolios. Whether you're a long-term investor devising a retirement portfolio or a short-term trader looking to profit from market inefficiencies and macroeconomic trends, Portfolios provide all tools necessary to develop a cost-efficient all-ETF portfolio, including recommended holdings, suggested allocations, risk analyses and correlation studies.

  • Realtime Ratings

    These in-depth analyst reports give investors everything they need to know about each of the more than 2,000 U.S.-listed ETFs, including an objective, unbiased analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each product. Realtime Ratings also rank every ETF on more than 20 different metrics, including expenses, historical performance, volatility and distributions.

Questions about your Pro account? Please e-mail us at: [email protected].

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